Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The COMPLETE Perimeter, Area & Volume Collection

This complete collection contains over 174 pages and at least 7 Math Centre resources (with various levels and activities in each centre) to use in your classroom.

To make for an easier unit download, I have included the FREE Math Posters, FREE Perimeter, Area & Volume Wordwall, Free Dominoes and for FREE for you, Math Word Wall!!!!

This would all cost $27.25 to buy individually, but  20% off for bulk purchase makes it $21.80! Over $5 savings!

See the links for more detailed information due to the number of activities included.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Distributive Law Math Centres

This very bright and engaging distributive law math centre is ready to just print, laminate and use! There are 272 question cards over 5 levels! 

Easy to read instructions and answer keys provided for all activities. One landscape and one portrait recording sheet provided for each of the 5 levels.

It also comes with a game board which can be used as five separate leveled games or as one large game board with all the cards in use!

See thumbnails and preview for more detailed information due to the number of pages included.

Distributive Law Word Wall contains 18 word walls and 6 blank word walls.

For a short time this Math Centre is 20% off!

I look forward to using it for my second unit of the year! It's taken some time to put together with aaalllllll (272) of the question cards aaaannndddd answers, so it's been two weeks in the making around school, work and holidays!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gazebo, MAJOR Storms & Tornado's in Australia!? WhAt!?!?

Our Gazebo is finally complete!
So this is the COMPLETED & furnished Gazebo we finished building over the holidays! 

After 3.5 months of working during the holidays, after school, then over the Christmas break, voooolllaaaaaaa! :)

Apart from the power lead over the roof from screwing the iron sheets down, and the birdbath without its top and other such picky things, we're so pleased with it
So this was completed 1 week ago. The weather since then has been rainy, clouds, storms, rain.... :( AND THEN.... I wake up to THIS this morning!
Not my photo but bayside
"Qld again in grip of deadly flood disaster", "Five tornadoes leave trail of destruction" and "Defence force at Qld's disposal: Swan" to say the least...

TORNADO... in Australia!? In Queensland!? Talk about a rarity, and to think that 2 years ago at this time we had the terrible floods that took so many lives unexpectedly, and flooded so many areas of Queensland from Toowoomba to Brisbane City.

It stopped raining for 10 min today!
Now this!!!!! It's been broadcast on TV 24/7 with full coverage since I woke up this morning, so they're really on the ball with plans to look after everyone and evacuate on time! Because we're located so close to the bayside ourselves, we're getting some VERY strong wind gusts hitting the house/ windows, so I'm hoping it holds out!! 59 to 66 KNOTS winnndddddddddd here! 116km/h or 72mph

AND to think we go back to school on Tuesday... Today is Sunday! We're awaiting EducationQueensland announcements Monday afternoon to let us know what schools will be returning and others closed. What a stressful start to the school year for students, parents, school and teachers alike!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Perimeter, Area & Volume Activity Cards - Valentine's Day & Regular Themes!!

I've been lucky enough to have some time on my hands to complete a second set of cards around perimeter, area and volume!

Unlike the last set I created, Perimeter, Area & Volume Math Center Cards #1 has three sets of 12 cards, this set has three sets of 16 cards with an increased difficulty level.
ALSO 20% off this item for a little while! :)

There are two themes to this set so you can use them all year round! A Valentines Day theme and a Regular theme. All answers are provided to the cards to make student checking much easier!

It seems I will have more laminating to do now! *I secretly LOVE laminating!!* :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

FREE Probability Math Centre/er

I've finished a probability FREEBIE for you all tonight! It's a multilevel Math Centre waiting just for you to print and laminate (we all have a laminating addiction... admit it! :) )

I've made some changes to this unit and also added more to my Probability Unit on TpT!

Easy to read instructions and answer keys provided for all activities!

Included in this freebie is: 
-Blank Word Walls for your students to add their own probability words (Excellent to give students ownership of their learning!)
-Probability Shapes Level 1 - __out of __ (16 Questions)
-Probability Shapes Level 2 - Writing as a fraction (16 Questions)
-Probability Items Level 3 Worksheet - Writing as a fraction and simplifying (10 Questions )

It's about to hit midnight here and we go back to school in just over a week! I'm in denial! I know I am because I wouldn't be up this late otherwise! I need to get back into the 'school' routine ASAP!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Finally finished NEW Data Unit 20% OFF!

This unit has taken a lot of time to put together and I'm so pleased I'll have it ready for the new school year! :) So far I am teaching year 8 and 9's with 11 and 12 PVM, but if I get my Day 8 transfer, I will be teaching year 7's!
Awesomely this data unit will be able to be used with any of these year levels/ classes!
This Data Unit is 20% off on in TpT Store and I will upload it very soon to TeachersNotebook!

It includes:

  • 16 word walls with 8 blanks, 6 domino mean, median, mode & range math centres over 2 levels
  • 8 Math Centre A4 page Worksheets
  • 1 x Math Game with three different game boards to choose from with 132 cards (33 mean, 33 median, 33 mode, 33 range.

In Australia, we're all getting ready to go back to school in the next two weeks! TWO WEEKS!

WHERE did those HOLIDAYS go!?

They allllwayyysss FLLLLYYYYYYYYYY by, but I guess that means we've enjoyed the holidays to make them fly! :)

Our school voted on the student free days to be Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 9am-4pm, so we're back in 11 days!

The kids don't come back until Tuesday 29th January because Monday is Australia Day's public holiday in lieu of because the public holiday is on the Saturday!

Between now and then we have a roof of a Gazebo to build, finish renovating downstairs, make a new FREEBIE and prepare for the new school year!
Any FREEBIE ideas!? :) 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Teaching Math with Meaning GIVEAWAY 3 x $10 TpT vouchers

The lovely Alison from Teaching Math with Meaning is giving away THREE, yes 3 x $10 TpT Gift Certificates

Alison is also a fellow 'Aussie' and is also addicted to Maths, so I cannot help but promote this awesome giveaway & SALE.

Alison is also having a 20% off sale from the 3rd to 6th January at her TpT Store! 

I will blog again very soon as now having over 100 + Blog followers, 100+ TpT followers and 100+ TpT feedback given, it's time to celebrate somehow! :)

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