Friday, 31 August 2012

Buuuusssyyy & Math Center

Before - I'd begun to put words up!
Oh what a busy busy week! We're leading into assessment being handed in and completing revision with my year 12 Math A's because they have their qcs test coming up and their exam after this! A QCS test, if you're not sure is the Queensland Core Skills test that all students in Queensland sit to give them a position on ability against all other students in Qld and then their school results for 5 our of  6 subjects contribute to their OP which is an Overall Position which gives them a number between 1-25 to apply to University.
On top of this I spent a lot of time preparing posters and math relation words and a Math Center for my classroom. This is for my yr 8 and 9 students (age 12-15) to use in the last 20 minutes of the lesson as some core skill improvement activities!
After - My panorama is a bit blurry, but its so much more exciting, engaging & bright now! :)
My year 8s absolutely loved the room, the pot plant and that it was so brightly decorated compared to how bland and typically 'high school' it was.
$20 for all 4 of these off ebay!
$10 for all of these including
the big baskets & pencil ones
I bought all 4 shelves off ebay for $20 total which I was really pleased about! They are in excellent condition too! I bought the dustpan & brush new for $1, the plastic containers new for $8 total and the container of pens & pencils I had bought and collected over time. I have spare books I have on the bottom shelf for those students who don't tel their parents they need a new book, those who have 'one book for every subject' and those who just forget theirs. It made one of my year 8s days when he didn't bring anything to school because he's having a tough time, and I told him at the back there's books and pens he can use. He asked if he could keep it and was so happy and worked the best he has ever worked when I said of course you can, but you need to show me your best effort today! :) Such little things can make a childs day.
I'm getting very excited now as I've sold 8 items on TpT which means I'm only 2 sales away from my flash sale for 36 hours with a surprise % off! :)

I promise that I'll post this weekend again and I'll be putting more resources up very soon especially some freebies!! :)
I'd love to see some photos of your room and how you've decorated your math area!

Monday, 27 August 2012

TpT Success & Freebie

So I am VERY VERY excited to announce that I've now sold 7 items on TpT! I've decided that on every group of 10 items that I sell, I will hold a flash sale for 36 hours ranging from 10% off to 20% off! :) Only 3 more items to sell before this SALE!!
Thank you to everyone who has supported my page & blog! The collegiality is amazing.

As a lot of the resouces I've sold have been unit conversion, perimeter, area or volume related, I have put together some word wall words around theis topic and have it listed on TpT as a freebie here


One of my most popular items is my Unit Conversion, Perimeter & Area Pack for $3.60 on TpT which has 17+ pages of activities/ worksheets & teacher notes! The above Freebie would support the unit beautifully!

My other most popular item is my Math Center Volume of Prisms - Rotation Cards comes with 7 different sets of cards that are printed 2 sets per A4/ letter page. Again the above Freebie would support this item as well! These Rotation cards meets CCSS 5.MD.3,4,5 - 6.MD.2 and 7.MD.6. and in Australia I used these rotation cards with my Year 8s as a review for their upcoming exam and they worked beautifully. ANSWERS also included! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day ahead of you! :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Integers - Word Wall Freebie

I've decided to show you all a photo of one of my first word wall I used at the beginning of this year for my Year 8 Unit on Integers! I found that some of my students really struggled to understand adding and subtracting on a number line, and because this classroom is shared with other teachers I wasn't able to laminate a number line on the desk like I would have done, so I created a HUGE number line for their pin board. The border of this pin board is made from laminated off-cuts! :) Pretty and useful.

I printed and laminated key Mathematics words around the Integers topic and as you can see, below the images were either synonyms or students definitions of the word. I have done this for every topic since and have found it helps students understanding and saves them from asking questions that they can answer themself.

I have uploaded a much prettier version of these word wall words to TpT as a Freebie for you all!

I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you! Here's a photo of some cutting up of laminating I have to do!  

Have a wonderful day! :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sticky Notes

I used to always use sticky notes and place them all over my desk at school when I had things to do. The sense of pleasure when you're able to pull one off, scrunch it up and put it in the bin because your task is complete! :)

Since then, I've found Windows has their own Sticky Notes as per the image below.

You can change their size, colour and position around the desktop. You can also choose to position them above the document you're presently working on!
I love them! :) It still gives you a great sense of accomplishment to cross them off your list!

If you're not sure where they are, search in your start menu, or look in accessories!

Have a wonderful evening!

First Blog & FREEBIES

Good Evening all you fellow Bloggers out there! I must admit, I'm actually a tad nervous as this is my first post here. I've had a TPT store called BaysideTeacher for around a month now and thought it necessary to create an interesting blog to go with it! :)

I thought I would begin with a very tasty topic- Look away now if you're hungry because this image won't help sorry!

I teach year 8 (12/13 year olds) up to year 12 (16/17 year olds) Mathematics and I've found that as we've developed relationships and grown as a class, I've really bonded with each and every student. I certainly admit that I don't have an extension class - more so the opposite, and that cupcakes are the way to a students heart when it comes to rewards.

This picture was a set of mini-cupcakes I gave out to my year 12 students on the day they handed in their third-last assignment last week!

In addition to these, in the last 5 minutes of my two year 9 exams last week I handed out one of these mini-cupcakes to all the students who sat the exam. It truly made a difference in these students lives, especially for those students who are D and E level even though they try so hard. This really is a nice reward for them :)

The downside, I baked four sets of 48 mini-cupcakes in the last week for students and a staff going away party! All cupcaked out! Phheww

To end my first post, I thought I'd link you through to two of my Freebies on TpT.


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