Sunday, 25 November 2012

TpT Cyber Monday & Bonus Tuesday SALE - UpTO 28% Off

These last few weeks have been packed with assessment, marking & reporting! Report cards aren't due until  11th December (phhewwww) but we have two exams still (around 100 papers to mark) to be marked, profiled & reported on! 

I am however, very excited to say that I am participating in TpT's Cyber Monday & Bonus Tuesday SALE.

I'm offering 20% off store-wide which means you will be able to access 28% off my store Monday & Tuesday ONLY!

I hope to see you shopping over these days! :) Thank you for your support & encouragement as always!

Friday, 16 November 2012

NEW Rounding Math Center - 20% Off!

Hoooollllyyy busy = Understatement....... I have to say that finally year 12  rankings and verification are now COMPLETE! :) I'm very pleased to say that I have 5 out of my 23 students on a VHA this year! Now just year 8 and 9 assessment to go plus reports due in 2 weeks! 

The Two-digit Rounding Winter Math Centre is super easy and ready to use! All activities have instructions and three have recording sheets. 

This unit contains:
  • 48 Flash Cards
  • 2 sets of Rounding Dominoes (Instructions included)
  • Dice Rounding (Instructions and Recording Sheet included)
  • Spinner Rounding (Instructions and Recording Sheet included)
  • 2 Rounding Worksheets (Instructions and Recording Sheet included)

I have a lot of
other Rounding Items on TpT here!

I look forward to the following 4, well 3 weeks with my classes! Our final week is an 'alternative week' where we do 'engaging and interesting literacy and numeracy' activities! Needless to say the number of students who attend it less than 20% of year 8 and 9s!  :( 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My FIRST November Currently!

I couldn't be more excited to participate in my first Currently after seeing these appear everywhere in September and October and have no idea where they came from and how the word spread around!!!

To say the least, I'm excited, excited, excited!! I'm so excited to say that I've found out the beautiful Farley from the Oh' Boy 4th Grade is the person to look for! :) 

My husband and I just LOVE Big Band Theory and seem to re-watch the show from season 1 until we're stuck back at the end! :)
We are finishing off our Gazebo area tomorrow (apart from the roof to still go) and will have a beautiful garden bed around the area! Will post photos soon!
Even though I'm tired, I still cannot push myself to get to bed earlier, its just so catchy watching silly shows on TV until I'm so tired I cannot be bothered to move! 

NEW Probability Unit

I've finally finished Uni (Master of Education half complete!!!) for this semester and have had some time last night to complete my Probability Unit! It's 20% off for a little while too! :)
The unit has 20 probability word walls to display around your room with the 7 activities being very engaging, colourful and multilevel  for students. They can be laminated and used as Math Centres or photocopied in grayscale and used as worksheets!
Level 1 and 2 students write as ___ out of ___ and level 3 students write as a fraction and simplify where possible.
Your little ones will be  ready to roll! Easy to read instructions with examples and answers included for all! 
I cannot wait to spend more time on my resources now I will have the time! I cannot believe it's week 5 this week already! My year 12's are finished at the end of week 6! Time is flying... 
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