Saturday, 12 January 2013

Finally finished NEW Data Unit 20% OFF!

This unit has taken a lot of time to put together and I'm so pleased I'll have it ready for the new school year! :) So far I am teaching year 8 and 9's with 11 and 12 PVM, but if I get my Day 8 transfer, I will be teaching year 7's!
Awesomely this data unit will be able to be used with any of these year levels/ classes!
This Data Unit is 20% off on in TpT Store and I will upload it very soon to TeachersNotebook!

It includes:

  • 16 word walls with 8 blanks, 6 domino mean, median, mode & range math centres over 2 levels
  • 8 Math Centre A4 page Worksheets
  • 1 x Math Game with three different game boards to choose from with 132 cards (33 mean, 33 median, 33 mode, 33 range.

In Australia, we're all getting ready to go back to school in the next two weeks! TWO WEEKS!

WHERE did those HOLIDAYS go!?

They allllwayyysss FLLLLYYYYYYYYYY by, but I guess that means we've enjoyed the holidays to make them fly! :)

Our school voted on the student free days to be Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 9am-4pm, so we're back in 11 days!

The kids don't come back until Tuesday 29th January because Monday is Australia Day's public holiday in lieu of because the public holiday is on the Saturday!

Between now and then we have a roof of a Gazebo to build, finish renovating downstairs, make a new FREEBIE and prepare for the new school year!
Any FREEBIE ideas!? :) 

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