Saturday, 29 September 2012

Holidays & 88 NEW Coordinate Tasks!

My goodness. I cannot believe how buuuussssssyyyyyyy the first week of our Spring Holidays have been! 
I've been blessed to have Max (my beautiful step-son) here for the first week and we did a lot of physical building, gardening, adding a retaining wall to the garden, beginning to build a gazebo, sand-pit playing with cousins & friends and swimming :) Now he has gone back to his Mums, the place seems very empty in comparison! I always look forward to his return in 2 weeks time (but only for two days :( )
I've been working on this set of 88 Coordinate Rotation Tasks for several weeks now and have finally completed it after Powerpoint error after Powerpoint error! I realized that the file size was too large and it kept corrupting itself, so I saved each of the graphs as a .jpeg and inserted them and bazziingggaaa it worked again!
Set 1 - Identifying Coordinates - 32 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 2 - Plotting Coordinates - 20 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 3 - Plotting Shapes - 12 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 4 - Reflections - 12 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 5 - Translations - 12 Cards over 4 Levels
So here lies my newest item which I cannot wait to use and I'm so very proud of! 20% off for the first few days or so! :)

10% Off Sale for 2 days!

I only just noticed I've sold over 50 items and its time for my Sale again! This falls in conjunction with the end of September sale I wanted to have.
So 10% off storewide (EVEN on currently reduced items) until September ends :)

Friday, 28 September 2012

FREE Coordinate Math Center Game

This FREE math center game has 12 different task cards over 4 levels and full solutions provided for each card. Students need to identify that the points on a Cartesian plane are represented by what is called an ordered pair or coordinates as ( X value, Y value ). The 4 levels range from 1 quadrant up to using all four quadrants. 
I cannot wait to print this set and use it with my year 8 and 9s who need a simple yet engaging way to practise identifying coordinates/ ordered pairs. We often only have "time" to focus on the set curriculum and this gives me the opportunity to include a review of coordinate mapping in my math rotations!
This freebie is the first of a Coordinate & Mapping Skills set I am working on which covers identifying points, plotting points, plotting shapes/ objects and transformations. I hope you find it as useful as I will! :)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

$25 TpT Voucher Giveaway

Miss DeCarbo from Sugar & Spice is having a $25 TpT Gift Voucher giveaway to celebrate her reaching 400 followers on her TpT Store!

There is around a week left to enter to win this excellent voucher at Second Grade Sugar & Spice!
I've actually entered my first giveaway here and I feel somewhat nervous thinking 'What if I won?' because I really, truly, never win anything! I cannot believe how many amazing teachers there are out there and some of their outstanding resources there are available to us so readily!

I Have, Who Has Area Games

I am very excited to announce the creation of my very first I have, Who Has Game! Area (along with so many other concepts) is a vital concept which underpins so much in middle and upper school Mathematics that I always focus on games that test their ability, understanding and accuracy (time as well)!
I cannot wait to add this to my Math Center because I know the different levels will enable my very low level year 8s to have success and confidence to move on and look at the other levels! :)
As usual I have this game on sale for the first few days, so hop on over and have a look if your students would find it as useful as mine! :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Freebies, Sales, Holidays

I often wonder where the last 30 weeks of the school year went, and how on earth we only have 10 weeks left when we return from holidays! Today we began our two week Spring break! :)

First day of school holidays, and I'm already planning next terms resources and rotation activities. Here is a Rounding Domino FREEBIE for you all to enjoy! *Free until the 24th September!*

I'm also holding a 24-hour flash sale to celebrate both 40 sales on TpT, 50 followers on TpT and 50 followers on my Blog! :) Check out my blog for a range of items 10% off!

Friday, 21 September 2012

500 followers GIVEAWAY!

Olivia from Liv to Teach has reached 500 followers on TpT and is hosting her first giveaway!!

I will be donating my Coordinate Battleship Game - 4 Levels which I have previously blogged about and there are lots other items up for grabs!
Head on over to Liv to Teach to enter this amazing giveaway before its too late! :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Seal KISS & 5 days left...

Talk about exhausted! There are 5 school days left of this term and after completing 124 different report cards for Maths this weekend, Max's (step-son) swimming club night, Saturday squad & Little Athletics, I've finished it off with my husband and Max at Underwater World. I even managed a seal kiss - It was amazing. The 1.5 hour drive each way was completely worth it :)

My Seal Kiss

I've blogged before about how I've organised my Math Center and I must say it has been working extremely well. Both my year 8 classes have an A3 laminated page with all the current Math Center activities listed at the top of the columns. My activities that contain two or more levels, I have split then into different activity levels as you can see on my chart.

Even my year 8's (12-14 year olds) love coming to show me their working out, solutions and their honesty when they mark their work and have made an error in their calculations. I have had some time to take a photo and the below picture shows my year 8's beginning to play my Pirate Percentage & Fraction Dominoes game.

Pirate Percentage & Fraction Dominoes
It's so great to see them working together to solve Mathematics problems and having Mathematical arguments as to who is right and who is wrong, then calling me over to "end" it!

I always wonder what other type of theme parks like UnderwaterWorld there are around the world!? Is that what they are called still - a theme park even if it's animals!?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Holy smokes, Heather from Peacocks & Penguines is having another giveaway to celebrate reaching 200 followers!
If you've seen my Co-Ordinate Battleship game and loved it, then you can enter to win this and many more Math games!

 So far there have been 3 different GIVEAWAYS so look around & enter enter enter!

Good luck!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Favourite Fraction Game & my upcoming SALE!

This year especially, I've found my year 8 and 9 students don't have the understanding of fractions that they should! Considering they should have this understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages at a year 5/6 level, it's SCARRY!
One of the more engaging ways I check for student understanding is to use my Jumping Fractions 5 Ways game throughout relevant units and as a general review throughout the term.
The reason I check for understanding this way is that all students can match the visual representation with the fraction. Then from there the language and it becomes either the percentage, decimal OR simplified fraction that they struggle with.
To ensure this game covers the various learning abilities, I split it into four sets.
  • Set 1 - 83 cards - Match tenths fractions in all representations
  • Set 2 - 31 cards - Match fifths fractions in all representations
  • Set 3 - 25 cards – Match quarters fractions in all representations
  • Set 4 - 9 cards – Additional simplified fraction cards to add to each level.
I have 4 more TpT items to sell until I reach my 20 sales and another FLASH % off SALE! :) What % discount would you like to see 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% OR would you like to see 35% off four items - If so, you can choose which ones! :) The most popular response will be it, so get in soon! :)

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and purchased some of my items! If you have any requests or theme suggestions you'd like to see, please let me know!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Coordinate Battleship Game

Level 1 - Grid Reference
I have created four different levels of battleship for myself and teachers to use within their classroom. This would be excellent for a class or teacher with various levels of ability.

I look forward to being able to use all four levels next year (January) when we begin the new school year and have to cover the Cartesian Plane. 

Thinking about how I want my lesson to flow, I would get students to reflect where grid references are used and why they need to know them; including an example as a whole class (mapping, UBD). Students should have learned this in Primary School and therefore the battleship game should be simple to play. 
Level 3 - 0-10 Cartesian Plane
Level 4 -5 to 5 Cartesian Plane
After this, the transition to the Cartesian Plane and placing ships/ points on the intersecting luines rather than IN the grid, will be the most difficult point for students to remember.

I suppose in grid references the numbers are IN the boxes, whereas cartesian planes the numbers are ON the lines. Possibly a poster to represent the difference between these would be a good idea! :)

For all four level games, I plan on laminating these and giving students white baord markers to draw where their 'ship' locations are are then write coordinates in OHT pen (fine tip) or easily photocopied to draw on themselves. Whiteboard marker whipes off with water or nail polish remover! :)
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Math Area FREEBIE!

Another 12 hours to go until my flash 36 hour 15% off sale is over! Because of the wonderful response I've had on here and TpT I've created a new FREEBIE! :)
The freebie, Aussie Area Dominoes - Square, Rectangle & Triangle meets CCSS 3.MD.8 - 4.MD.3 - 5.MD.3,4,5 or if you're in Australia, they suit ACARA year 7, 8 and learning support year 9.

They are perfect for Math centers and are played like a normal game of dominoes.

Set 1 - Rectangle - 27 Area Cards
Set 2 - Square - 18 Area Cards
Set 3 - Triangle - 27 Area Cards

The dominoes are in order so that if printed, the go in the order that appears; so aswers are included with the activity.

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