Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Term 2 is over... School Holidays are in!

I saw this meme and had to chuckle that it represents all of the Queensland teachers who are on their second day of official school holidays today!

I still have about 5 report cards left to complete out of 143 of my students over the holidays but I think I can manage that!! ;)

I have a lot to do these holidays including my thesis proposal, finishing some of my freebies and new TpT/TN items!

I hope you're all having a great Summer Break or term holidays if you're on them or if you're still teaching, that your week is great! 

What goals have you set for your break/ weekend/ week?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

FREE Sixths Circle Fraction Clip Art Images

It's so nice to be relaxing today knowing it's a long weekend (not back until Tuesday)! We went to Yum Cha at Sunnybank today which was lovely, and then I marked some of my senior assessment.

It's been SO long since I've created a full resource, that I thought it'd be nice to share a small freebie for you all! I LOVE making Math clipart that I can use in my classroom and in my worksheets.

Soon I will finish a COMPLETE set of fraction clipart in various colours to purchase, but until then, I hope you can get some use from these :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Chalking it up in Year 9!

My Year 9s were excited! They knew we were going out to create their chalk designs from the previous lesson and some still needed to design theirs.
The time we were to go out was on the board and they worked SO HARD! 

They were so proud to have their Mathematical 'artwork' on show in the Year 9 area and they put a LOT of effort into each of their drawings! 

They had 7 minutes to complete their design in class on paper and have me sign it off and only 7 minutes to pack up, take bags down to their eating area and construct their drawing with all working out! 

It was the topic of conversation between the 260 year 9 students when I was on play ground duty. Both my year 9 classes were showing others their drawings, playing handball and eating around it so no one else touched it! It even sparked discussion from the senior students when they walked through this area during their early finish!

Now to get COLOURED chalk! :)

New! Bayside Math Teacher Blog Design & Button

Whoa! Talk about a busy time of late getting my new blog design up and running. Thanks to the amazing Diana at Custom Blog Designs she has given me a complete new design, signature and button!
This means that everyone who is following me or has my button on their blog will need to link to this new button below! 


I'm off now to work with my Year 9s on their Pythagoras and Trionometry chalk design in their eating area! Unfortunately it's going to rain so it will probably end up washed off, but its better trying than not! They're excited to make their area more purposeful and 'arty'.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

June Currently & $90 000 towards Oklahoma Relief

I've linked up with Farly's over at Oh boy its 3rd Grade as it's already June Currently time so ! :) Each month she has an awesome currently so go check her out if you haven't already! and link on up! 

I just can't imagine the heartbreak and terror everyone in Oklahoma went thro\ugh during the tornado and now again as they suffer through even more terrible and on-going weather problems. I couldn't be happier to have linked up with TeachersNotebook's Moore Relief Effort Bundle and donated a $20 item for which so far has raised over $90 000 towards relief efforts! 

My currently is very simple this month due to my step son's 9th Birthday today! After around 6 hours baking and decorating cupcakes and his cake along with preparing sausage rolls, sushi and other food, this weekend has been a crazy blur!!!!! 

One small picture of Max's Rock Climbing party! Such a busy weekend and creating a Rock Climbing cake was very hectic as well but I loved every minute of it! :)

What did everyone else get up to this weekend?

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Engaging & Creative - Area of Special Quadrilaterals

I must admit, I have the most BEAUTIFUL Year 8 students who are motivated, work well, ask questions and the majority of them are self-driven

I really wanted to engage not only MY class in their work, but the rest of the Year 8 cohort, so I thought... Why not get permission to 'chalk up' their Year 8 eating/ sitting area so ALL Year 8 students can see what they're studying in Mathematics at the present time! 

Well the Year 8 Deputy LOVED the idea and the cleaners are happy to leave their designs around for a week or so until they look messy and then just hose them off! 

The guidelines: 
  • Any simple shape (square, rectangle, triangle) and special quadrilateral could be used.
  • It must be used in a creative picture as long as there were measurements on their picture.
  • It needed to be large enough to easily see
  • The area of one shape must be calculated somewhere near the image with full working out. 

I had some VERY creative kids (I say kids but they are all 13!!) who just LOVED this task! These are just three of the photos so I don't clutter this post too much. I am doing the same thing this coming week with more Year 8 work in their area and work in the Year 9 area on Pythagoras and Trigonometry so look out for this post later in the week. 
What type of 'chalk' or painting tasks have you done with your class? I'd love to hear about the/ see some pictures! 
On a short note, it's Max's 9th Birthday this weekend and he was so excited to get his Ju Jitsu uniform AND a sporting award from Sensei which he worked so hard to recieve! 
A busy night ahead of us making a RockClimbing cake, cupcakes and party food for tomorrow! :)

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