Saturday, 11 January 2014

*NEW* Valentine's Day Ten Frames

Now after creating a standard ten frame set, a Halloween themed set, an Easter themed set and now a Valentine's Day set, I am all ten framed out! 

SO if you're thinking about Valentine's Day because its only over a month away, this could be the perfect resource for you to incorporate into your classroom activities. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

*NEW* Easter Ten Frames

Now after creating a standard ten frame set and a Halloween theme set, I realized that I have very few Easter themed items. I usually create a theme and a regular theme with all of my items, but one I knew I just HAD to do, was Easter Ten Frames! So simple yet so cute and effective. 

 SO if you're thinking about planning this years Easter activities which will come around very quickly, or next years even, or looking to get a good price on a simple yet effective resource, then check out these sets. 

If you have a particular image you would like me to use, also let me know and I'll personlize the set just for you. :) Thinking about important dates, I just realized that Valentines Day is coming up even sooner, so I better get started on a lovey dovey ten frame set today!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Relaxing on Holidays & Back to School

I am sure you all know what the end of the school year feels like... Relief... Exhaustion... Excitement... Cleaning... Unit review and re-writing... Preparing assessment for the first term of the following year... Class lists... Timetabling... It gets VERY busy but now it's over and 6 weeks of holidays are here!
The first week was spent with Kylie from DownUnderTeacher, her son Brendan, my husband, Max my step-son and Caitlin (we are her guardians) at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.
Full of surfing lessons, bodyboarding, sun, relaxing, reading and most importantly, time together as a family.

Before we left we put up Christmas trees at both our home and at my Mums ('Grandma B'). Here is a photo of us together with Mums adopted Greyhound Tessa. We realized after this photo was taken that we were COMPLETELY blocking the Christmas tree! Oppppss....

Christmas Day was just beautiful and better than I imagined. I woke up still sick with tonsillitis so was feeling very average, but after relaxing at Mums with everyone I started to feel much better! :) Christmas Day we also had a good friend Maz join us for Christmas lunch. Caitlin and Max were also with us for Christmas day and present opening as was out blue-cattle dog Blackie!

Lastly my husband and I spent the other day 'fishing'... Well by fishing I mean throwing the line in, getting some sun, reading, relaxing and catching absolutely NOTHING! :)

Now its the time of year where I'm thinking about heading back to school! We have 25 days until students are back at school and 19 days until all teachers are due back for SFD. I'm in the middle of creating integer fast fact sheets along with more multiplication, addition and algebra fast fact sheets. It's great way to check for student understanding and for them to record their 'best time' and challenge themselves. 

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