Sunday, 23 December 2012

Why I've been MIA!

So this is it!....

The reason I've been missing in action from this Blog, TpT and TeachersNotebook is due to building our gazebo and re-landscaping the gardens around it!

It took around 3 months, and without a roof still, it's nearrrllyyy done :)

Have a wonderful  and safe Christmas everyone!I've nearly finished my Mean, Median, Mode & Range bulk pack!~ After Christmas. :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

MIA & a NEW Item on Scientific Notation!

My goodness.... After finishing school 5 days ago and all the busy work around reporting and the last two weeks or school, I've neglected my blog! I'm so sorry!

I thought I would do a small post on an item I created recently on Scientific Notation!

Nothing has ever been fun abut learning scientific notation, expanded form or the basic numeral, so I thought it would be a great idea to create a resource for this!
As usual, I've included a theme specific word wall with blanks, three help cards with different examples, three different sets of domino cards and three different, fun & engaging board games with cards!

We received our timetables for next year and (so far) I am teaching Year 8, 2 x Year 9s, 11 PVM and 12 PVM!!

I would much prefer to only teach year 8 or year 8 and 9, but our school puts non-math qualified teachers on year 8 because its 'easier' to teach than year 11 or 12 PVM! :( This makes me so sad for those children.

Earlier in the year I put in a transfer to move to a high school that is accepting year 7's (our school is not) and may find out up to Day 8 if I do or don't have a transfer, so created this (and future) resources for that purpose! 
Talk about nervous... Working 8 days at my school and potentially finding out that I may not be there for day 9! Needless to say, I've cleaned out my room, packed everything in boxes, and if I don't get a transfer, it'll be easy enough to unpack =\
Back to creating my Mean, Median, Mode & Range resource! :)
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