Friday, 29 March 2013

HUGE EASTER Storewide Sale

It's about time I throw another SALE and this combines THREE wonderful reasons!

Two week Easter holidays
Over 200 followers on TpT
Over 100 followers on this blog! :)

To say thank you to all my wonderful supporters, jump on over to my TpT Store and grab a bargain with 20% off Storewide from 29th -31st March! :)

UPDATE - FREEBIE Easter Co-ordinate, Graphing, Ordered Pairs Pictures

My last blog post about my FREEBIE Easter Co-ordinate, Graphing, Ordered Pairs Pictures I promised I would upload some photos of my students work when they completed the task themselves! 
On the last day of term we never have anywhere near the attendance rate we should! Mainly because it backs onto a 2 week holiday and most parents want to get away on holidays earlier!

So I KNEW my kiddies would love this (even though they're year 9 but also because earlier this year we looked at gradients, equations and plotting points), so this was a great and simple review and they LOVED IT!
They spent so much time making their images beautifully presented as you can see from the pictures!
I have also UPDATED my FREE Easter Co-ordinate, Graphing, Ordered Pairs Picture on TpT to contain TWO Easter themed plotting images
It now has the above image over the four quadrants from -8 to 8 for your little ones who can plot on the whole Cartesian plane.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

FREEBIE Easter Co-ordinate, Graphing, Ordered Pairs Picture

Nothing is better than a fun Easter Math freebie to help your little ones enjoy plotting co-ordinates/ ordered pairs! :)
This cute little freebie focuses on the first quadrant from the origin to x=15 and y=15.
 I look forward to using this as a consolidation activity with my year 8 and 9 students in the last lesson of this Term :) 
I will post photos later in the week!
  • 1 blank Cartesian plane
  • 1 set of Easter co-ordinates/ ordered pairs to plot
  • A partially completed basket to check student progress 
  • A completed, coloured in and decorated Easter Basket! 

 I'm happy to create this over four-quadrants from -10 to 10 if anyone asks for it!? :)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

HUGE Classroom Labels Pack 20% off Back2School

It was a MUCH more relaxing start to the year because I did all the hard-yards last year with preparing MOST of my word-walls, labels, headings and Math displays for my classroom! :)

Storing them neatly was my biggest problem but I've since found a SOLUTION! Grouping word walls/ spelling words/ months/ conversions into envelopes with a description on the front cover, and standing them upright in a shoe box fits just perfectly! :)

I decided to put together all of my word-wall labels along with a WHHOOOLLLLEEEE lot of other useful classroom labels to be used!

20% off for a short time too! :)

Because the thumbnails are so small, this 143 page document contains:
-   Months of the Year (Single Word)
-   Months of the Year (Single Word with image)
-   Days of the Week-   Ordinal Numbers (Words First to Thirty-first)
-   Ordinal Numbers (Numbers 1st to 31st in rectangles and circles)
-   Alphabet (Upper & Lower Case in circle, rectangle and square)
-   Alphabet (Upper Case in circle, rectangle and square)
-   Group Name Cards (Group 1-8)
-   Table Name Cards (Table 1-8)
-   Name Cards - 4 design variations with images
-   43 other words for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equal
-   Data word wall
-   Measurement word wall
-   Probability word wall
-   Integer word wall

So pop on over to my TpT store and grab a bargain 20%!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

FREE Area Dominoes - Review in my Classroom

Year 9s are currently working on area, area of composite shapes, volume and capacity.

Since one of my year 9 classes require more support and engaging activities, I decided to use my FREEBIE Area of Square, Rectangle and Triangle Dominoes to review how to calculate the area of basic shapes that should have been covered in year 6 (covered, just forgotten)!

I differentiated this activity by making students show their calculations/ working out! :)
They LOVED working through this activity where they could work in a small group, share the 'working out' responsibility and collaborate to solve the problem!
It is always amazing to hear so much math-related discussion/ arguments happening in class!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

EASTER Rounding to 5c - 20% OFF!

I LOVE having the opportunity to create beautiful Easter themed activities, but I found that if it wasn't Easter time, the Easter themed activities engaging quality never seemed as purposeful!

That's why in all my items I provide a theme for the present time PLUS a regular theme so you can choose if the game is to be played all year round or just at Easter time!

Easter themed domino cards, question cards, recording sheet and matching activities!
Easter themed board games, recording sheet and cards!
Regular Theme!
This Easter unit is 20% off for a short time, so jump in a grab a bargain! :)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March Currently

Listening: In Australia we have a show called 'The Block' which happens to ironically be on at 7 O'Block each night. Seeing I LOVE renovations, I cannot help but sit down each night and watch four different couples/ teams try to renovate a heritage listed property in Sydney. SOON it will be over and I will be free from 7-8pm.. What will I do!?

Loving: I have been blessed with absolutely stunning classes this year. They aren't without their individual flaws, but they all work very hard, ask an abundance of questions and want to go well! :)

Thinking: This year I am once again running tutorials at Griffith University on Thursday evenings in Mathematics for students completing the Grad.Dip in Education! I have no made my plans, emailed students and uploaded it onto Blackboard.

Wanting: I've not been able to sleep in for the last 9 mornings, and cannot wait until Saturday & Sunday where I CAN, hopefully, sleep in past 8am! :)

Needing: As teachers we ALL need time :)

Like, Love, Hate:  I bought a new exercise bike that lives upstairs in front of the TV, air-con and can be easily moved around so I can position it while I exercise and move it back when I'm finished. I've used it twice since I bought it 3 days ago so woooohoooooo! Excitement is always a great energy booster, however exams that either I am doing or marking are always energy drainers, and there's PLENTY of exams to mark at the moment!!!

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