Tuesday, 15 January 2013

FREE Probability Math Centre/er

I've finished a probability FREEBIE for you all tonight! It's a multilevel Math Centre waiting just for you to print and laminate (we all have a laminating addiction... admit it! :) )

I've made some changes to this unit and also added more to my Probability Unit on TpT!

Easy to read instructions and answer keys provided for all activities!

Included in this freebie is: 
-Blank Word Walls for your students to add their own probability words (Excellent to give students ownership of their learning!)
-Probability Shapes Level 1 - __out of __ (16 Questions)
-Probability Shapes Level 2 - Writing as a fraction (16 Questions)
-Probability Items Level 3 Worksheet - Writing as a fraction and simplifying (10 Questions )

It's about to hit midnight here and we go back to school in just over a week! I'm in denial! I know I am because I wouldn't be up this late otherwise! I need to get back into the 'school' routine ASAP!


  1. OMG! That's a huge file for free! I'm wondering if you saw Paul's message about the size of free things on TPT? He suggested the max of freebies have only 10 pages. . . but really wanted them to only be 2-5 pages long. This is a great activity that you could make some good money on.
    Second In Line

  2. Thanks Patty! I haven't checked the forums in some weeks which must have been why I missed it!
    It really only has 11 pages of activities and 4 blank word walls and cover pages with answers, which is why its blown out.
    I'll search for Paul's comments and revise! Thank you :)


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