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  1. Hi Liz,

    My name is Dr. Amanda Sawyer, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education from James Madison University, and I am one of the Investigators of Elementary Mathematics Resource Quality This past summer, my research team and I investigated the top 500 free math resources posted on Teachers Pay Teachers and found that you created some of these resources. Teachers Pay Teachers has had a remarkable effect on the math curricula in the US, and we are trying to understand this practice a little better. We would love to know more about your process for developing materials and how you reach so many teachers in this IRB approved study. We think you can give us a unique perspective of what makes a good math resource in this realm.

    I sent this survey out on Teachers Pay Teachers in June 2019, and if you have completed the survey already, thank you so much!! My research team and I are trying to gain more participants, thus I am reaching out to you on Facebook.

    Would you mind filling out this 10-minute survey to help us learn about your process ( The results from the study would ultimately be published in an academic journal which should shed some light on this phenomenon. Thanks for your time!


    Amanda Sawyer

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
    Middle, Secondary, and Mathematics Education Department
    College of Education
    James Madison University


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