Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gazebo, MAJOR Storms & Tornado's in Australia!? WhAt!?!?

Our Gazebo is finally complete!
So this is the COMPLETED & furnished Gazebo we finished building over the holidays! 

After 3.5 months of working during the holidays, after school, then over the Christmas break, voooolllaaaaaaa! :)

Apart from the power lead over the roof from screwing the iron sheets down, and the birdbath without its top and other such picky things, we're so pleased with it
So this was completed 1 week ago. The weather since then has been rainy, clouds, storms, rain.... :( AND THEN.... I wake up to THIS this morning!
Not my photo but bayside
"Qld again in grip of deadly flood disaster", "Five tornadoes leave trail of destruction" and "Defence force at Qld's disposal: Swan" to say the least...

TORNADO... in Australia!? In Queensland!? Talk about a rarity, and to think that 2 years ago at this time we had the terrible floods that took so many lives unexpectedly, and flooded so many areas of Queensland from Toowoomba to Brisbane City.

It stopped raining for 10 min today!
Now this!!!!! It's been broadcast on TV 24/7 with full coverage since I woke up this morning, so they're really on the ball with plans to look after everyone and evacuate on time! Because we're located so close to the bayside ourselves, we're getting some VERY strong wind gusts hitting the house/ windows, so I'm hoping it holds out!! 59 to 66 KNOTS winnndddddddddd here! 116km/h or 72mph

AND to think we go back to school on Tuesday... Today is Sunday! We're awaiting EducationQueensland announcements Monday afternoon to let us know what schools will be returning and others closed. What a stressful start to the school year for students, parents, school and teachers alike!!


  1. Your gazebo looks fantastic!! This weather is INSANE - I'm in Kallangur and it has finally stopped raining but we're still getting a bit of wind! Hope you're staying safe =)

    Adoring Lilly

  2. Thanks Casey! It's scary weather! Nothing I've felt before here, and I've lived in Brisbane my whole life. Your classroom looks awesome with the ceiling in iron and parts of the walls! Very modern looking! I love it :)
    I'm following you now! I miss having a primary school classroom; teaching year 8-12 is very limiting unfortunately! :(

  3. It's reminding me of the 2011 floods but I feel like it's worse this time around - and much scarier. Every time the wind starts growling, I worry it's a tornado!

    Thanks so much - at first I didn't really like my classroom but now I love it! How long have you been teaching in the upper school for?

    Adoring Lilly

  4. It's been terrible wind all night. We're located Thornlands/ Cleveland Point area but far enough away from the water to not be affected by the tide. I do wonder what the announcement will be at 2/3pm about school tomorrow....

    I taught Year 6 in my first year teaching in 2009, and have taught year 8-12 Maths since! So my 4th year teaching Math only :)

    How long have you been teaching for? :)



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