Tuesday, 9 April 2013

NEW! Perimeter Worksheet & Crossword - Beginner Level (1)

Phhhewww! I have a huge set of Perimeter Worksheets I'm in the middle of creating and rather than having them all together, I decided to split them into levels so you can purchase the exact ones you need OR when I've finished the levels, you can buy the bulk pack with a discount. 

There are three sets with 21 questions in two different formats. One as a worksheet over two A4 pages that students can write on and the other as a handout on one A4 page where students write the working in their book.

These questions are all level 1 (or beginner) where all sides are labelled with measurements/ units of basic shapes and then develop into more complex questions and end with three word problems. 

Additionally there is a fun crossword consolidation activity where students need to answer 9 perimeter questions (without units) and record their answers in the location on the crossword. 

Answer sheet provided with full working for the worksheet and answers for the crossword. 
It comes in .doc and .pdf format in case you want to edit some questions or units to suit your little ones! 

Max was BEGGING me yesterday to complete this worksheet and crossword when I finished creating it, so look out for some pictures soon! :) 

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