Thursday, 4 April 2013

Awesome Storage & Holidays

I love being productive on the school holidays! We put up two hooks to store our gardening tools and rakes/ brooms easily along the side of the house. Talk about freeing up some space and making it very tidy! :)

We also cleaned up both of our sheds. One of them is a dedicated camping/ children toys/ kiting/ bodyboarding equipment shed and the other is gardening/ tools/ general yard items.

It's lovely knowing when we go to use something how well organised it is! I nearly cannot wait until we go camping or bodyboarding and have to go into that shed! :)
We often are building something or renovating or gardening so are always in this shed which is why it ends up being the messiest! 

I am in the middle of creating a few TpT/ TN items so I will post back VERY soon! 

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