Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We have a star among us! Christmas Co-ordinate/ Ordered Pairs/ Graphing Picture

Max saw some of my Halloween and Easter co-ordinate/ ordered pairs/ graphing pictures I had in a folder ready to digitally create them. 

He asked for his own blank copy of the graph paper and wanted to create his own. 

He drew a picture and I taught him how to write the ordered pairs! 

Needless to say he has done an AMAZING job and I couldn't be MORE proud of him
He asked me to draw his picture again (I did the outline) and we coloured it in together! 

He was so proud of his work and knowing that it would go towards a TpT Christmas bundle made him even MORE excited!
Anyway, keep an eye out for this and other awesome Halloween, Easter, Christmas and other such graphing items! :)

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