Tuesday, 9 April 2013

In ACTION - Perimeter Worksheet & Crossword - Beginner Level (1)

Max is always so keen to try out anything I make that is either at or above his level! He was bursting to work on this sheet when he got home so I made sure I printed it on coloured paper to make it even more pretty! :)

Background: Max is 8 but will be 9 on 2nd June and he is in year 4.

Here he is working on the first page of the perimeter worksheet and keeps eyeing off the crossword because he wants to work on it now! :)

He keeps calculating the perimeter in his head and using the calculator to check his answers are correct. A great skill to have! So far Max said he has correctly calculated 8 out of the 9 questions in his head and he was only 1 value off the correct response! :) He circled and wrote the correct response in which was great to see his honesty
For now it's lunch break time!

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