Saturday, 23 March 2013

HUGE Classroom Labels Pack 20% off Back2School

It was a MUCH more relaxing start to the year because I did all the hard-yards last year with preparing MOST of my word-walls, labels, headings and Math displays for my classroom! :)

Storing them neatly was my biggest problem but I've since found a SOLUTION! Grouping word walls/ spelling words/ months/ conversions into envelopes with a description on the front cover, and standing them upright in a shoe box fits just perfectly! :)

I decided to put together all of my word-wall labels along with a WHHOOOLLLLEEEE lot of other useful classroom labels to be used!

20% off for a short time too! :)

Because the thumbnails are so small, this 143 page document contains:
-   Months of the Year (Single Word)
-   Months of the Year (Single Word with image)
-   Days of the Week-   Ordinal Numbers (Words First to Thirty-first)
-   Ordinal Numbers (Numbers 1st to 31st in rectangles and circles)
-   Alphabet (Upper & Lower Case in circle, rectangle and square)
-   Alphabet (Upper Case in circle, rectangle and square)
-   Group Name Cards (Group 1-8)
-   Table Name Cards (Table 1-8)
-   Name Cards - 4 design variations with images
-   43 other words for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equal
-   Data word wall
-   Measurement word wall
-   Probability word wall
-   Integer word wall

So pop on over to my TpT store and grab a bargain 20%!

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