Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March Currently

Listening: In Australia we have a show called 'The Block' which happens to ironically be on at 7 O'Block each night. Seeing I LOVE renovations, I cannot help but sit down each night and watch four different couples/ teams try to renovate a heritage listed property in Sydney. SOON it will be over and I will be free from 7-8pm.. What will I do!?

Loving: I have been blessed with absolutely stunning classes this year. They aren't without their individual flaws, but they all work very hard, ask an abundance of questions and want to go well! :)

Thinking: This year I am once again running tutorials at Griffith University on Thursday evenings in Mathematics for students completing the Grad.Dip in Education! I have no made my plans, emailed students and uploaded it onto Blackboard.

Wanting: I've not been able to sleep in for the last 9 mornings, and cannot wait until Saturday & Sunday where I CAN, hopefully, sleep in past 8am! :)

Needing: As teachers we ALL need time :)

Like, Love, Hate:  I bought a new exercise bike that lives upstairs in front of the TV, air-con and can be easily moved around so I can position it while I exercise and move it back when I'm finished. I've used it twice since I bought it 3 days ago so woooohoooooo! Excitement is always a great energy booster, however exams that either I am doing or marking are always energy drainers, and there's PLENTY of exams to mark at the moment!!!

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  1. Hello There! I just linked up with Farley's currently also and found your blog! I also LIKE exercise...and NEED to do more of it! :) I'm your newest follower!

  2. Thanks Miss Cayer, I also just posted on your March Currently, followed you and TOTALLY agreed with your Masters work! :) pheww we have a busy life!
    I love that we're so far away, yet we can all share our experiences :)

  3. I wish I liked exercising... I would do it more! I need more sleep and more time too! Good luck with your tutoring group!

    My Kinder-Garden

  4. I just found you through Currently. I'm with you we could all use more time and sleep!!

  5. Another follower through Farley! I love renovation shows, too. We just had 3 snow days, but I can always use more time!

    Hokie Teach


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