Saturday, 16 February 2013

Work 'Uniform' and BARGAIN Award Ticket Cards

I am a full time Mathematics teacher, but I also take Year 8 girls Softball for Tuesday afternoon sport! Such a stunning group of girls who have done EVERYTHING they can to ensure I am comfortable with all the rules and calls! :)

The last three years I've always had 'recreational sport' which is for students who don't want to play a team sport, don't make it into a team or don't like sport! This is ssssooooo different!
All HPE teachers and afternoon sport teachers were offered a school 'work shirt'. I must say I LOVE wearing a consistant uniform every Tuesday that students recognise but also other schools can easily recognise!

In addition to this, I found these 'ticket awards' at K-Mart where they had discounted them from $2.50 down to $1! Needless to say I have 15 packets now! :)
I'm looking forward to using them along with my new container of stationary rewards! :) I will put a photo of this up soon! :)


  1. I also picked up those reward tickets - but I got them before back to school was over so they were full price :( Love the new design of your blog!

    Down Under Teacher

  2. There was a thread (or maybe blog entry) about uniforms for teachers about a month ago and I think a lot of us agreed it would be nice to have a "uniform" - as long as it was comfortable :).

    Mrs. O'Donnell's Room


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