Tuesday, 12 February 2013

DIY Bulletin Board Borders & Template

Template traced and cut out!
Since it's three weeks into the first term, and typical HIGH SCHOOL CLASSROOMS are COMPLETELY, UTTERLY, TERRIBLY, bland... boring... mind numbing... PLAIN!

I didn't think of buying any bulletin board borders over the break and wanted to brighten up the room sooner rather than later! :)
I created a template and used some of our 80cm wide coloured cardboard (we only had pink!!!!) but this is the finished product!
This looks very peach coloured, but it's pink! Much better though :)
If you CLICK on either of the template images below (Or HERE and HERE) you can download them as two seperate images from google docs, print them onto an A4 page and trace them onto your own cardboard! A great item to laminate and re-use year after year!


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