Thursday, 6 September 2012

Coordinate Battleship Game

Level 1 - Grid Reference
I have created four different levels of battleship for myself and teachers to use within their classroom. This would be excellent for a class or teacher with various levels of ability.

I look forward to being able to use all four levels next year (January) when we begin the new school year and have to cover the Cartesian Plane. 

Thinking about how I want my lesson to flow, I would get students to reflect where grid references are used and why they need to know them; including an example as a whole class (mapping, UBD). Students should have learned this in Primary School and therefore the battleship game should be simple to play. 
Level 3 - 0-10 Cartesian Plane
Level 4 -5 to 5 Cartesian Plane
After this, the transition to the Cartesian Plane and placing ships/ points on the intersecting luines rather than IN the grid, will be the most difficult point for students to remember.

I suppose in grid references the numbers are IN the boxes, whereas cartesian planes the numbers are ON the lines. Possibly a poster to represent the difference between these would be a good idea! :)

For all four level games, I plan on laminating these and giving students white baord markers to draw where their 'ship' locations are are then write coordinates in OHT pen (fine tip) or easily photocopied to draw on themselves. Whiteboard marker whipes off with water or nail polish remover! :)
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  1. You live in Australia?? I visited Queensland while I was there briefly (on a spring break tour of the Gold Coast). Australia so beautiful - I lived on Coogee Beach in a suburb of Sydney and I still miss it. Would love to get back there sometime!!!

    Looking forward to connecting through our blogs! :)


    1. Yes, I'm in Queensland - Brisbane's Bayside actually which is about an hour from the Gold Coast. It is so lovely here - We're veryyyy lucky! :)

      I hope to look around your blog soon :)
      Liz - BaysideTeacher

  2. Oh Fabulous! I need this! I have added to my wishlist!

    Thanks so much!


    1. ooO! Very awesome :) I'm actually in the process of making up 10 different questions on 4 various level planes for plooting points that make a picture! :)
      Will take me a while but will upload pizzies when its done!



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