Saturday, 29 September 2012

Holidays & 88 NEW Coordinate Tasks!

My goodness. I cannot believe how buuuussssssyyyyyyy the first week of our Spring Holidays have been! 
I've been blessed to have Max (my beautiful step-son) here for the first week and we did a lot of physical building, gardening, adding a retaining wall to the garden, beginning to build a gazebo, sand-pit playing with cousins & friends and swimming :) Now he has gone back to his Mums, the place seems very empty in comparison! I always look forward to his return in 2 weeks time (but only for two days :( )
I've been working on this set of 88 Coordinate Rotation Tasks for several weeks now and have finally completed it after Powerpoint error after Powerpoint error! I realized that the file size was too large and it kept corrupting itself, so I saved each of the graphs as a .jpeg and inserted them and bazziingggaaa it worked again!
Set 1 - Identifying Coordinates - 32 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 2 - Plotting Coordinates - 20 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 3 - Plotting Shapes - 12 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 4 - Reflections - 12 Cards over 4 Levels
Set 5 - Translations - 12 Cards over 4 Levels
So here lies my newest item which I cannot wait to use and I'm so very proud of! 20% off for the first few days or so! :)


  1. WOW Liz, this looks incredible! You are creating the most wonderful things! Another one for the wish list!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Cheers Alison!
      I needed this set sssoooo much as any textbook never covered the lower level to the high level students on various planes.
      I admit it took a while to make, but completely worth it with answers allowing for my kiddies to do independent work and marking! :)


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