Monday, 27 August 2012

TpT Success & Freebie

So I am VERY VERY excited to announce that I've now sold 7 items on TpT! I've decided that on every group of 10 items that I sell, I will hold a flash sale for 36 hours ranging from 10% off to 20% off! :) Only 3 more items to sell before this SALE!!
Thank you to everyone who has supported my page & blog! The collegiality is amazing.

As a lot of the resouces I've sold have been unit conversion, perimeter, area or volume related, I have put together some word wall words around theis topic and have it listed on TpT as a freebie here


One of my most popular items is my Unit Conversion, Perimeter & Area Pack for $3.60 on TpT which has 17+ pages of activities/ worksheets & teacher notes! The above Freebie would support the unit beautifully!

My other most popular item is my Math Center Volume of Prisms - Rotation Cards comes with 7 different sets of cards that are printed 2 sets per A4/ letter page. Again the above Freebie would support this item as well! These Rotation cards meets CCSS 5.MD.3,4,5 - 6.MD.2 and 7.MD.6. and in Australia I used these rotation cards with my Year 8s as a review for their upcoming exam and they worked beautifully. ANSWERS also included! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day ahead of you! :)


  1. Hi Liz!

    Welcome to blogging and TpT! I LOVE both! The community of Australian teachers is growing all the time so I am sooooo happy to find you and add another Australian to following list!

    I would be happy to promote your blog and TpT store to get you started if you like!

    Here is my info.... let me know!


    1. You are too amazing and fast Alison! I just went to reply and re-looking through your blog, and you already promoted me!
      Why thank you very much! :)
      I'm very happy to say I've reached my first 10 sales and am having a 15% sale for 36 hours! Probably 3+ days if I forget loL!

      I loved your surface area and longest word activity! :) What a great way or including the world around them with Maths!

      Liz - BaysideTeacher

  2. Love your blog name, particularly as I teach at a Bayside Brisbane school, but on Year 1. Off to have a peek around your blog....Judith

    1. Why thank you Judith! WoW! It's amazing to know someone else who teaches and obviously lives so close! I'm following your blog now as well - Not that I've ever taught as low as year 1 - I admire you all so much for teaching such an amazing age group!
      Liz - BaysideTeacher :)


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