Thursday, 23 August 2012

First Blog & FREEBIES

Good Evening all you fellow Bloggers out there! I must admit, I'm actually a tad nervous as this is my first post here. I've had a TPT store called BaysideTeacher for around a month now and thought it necessary to create an interesting blog to go with it! :)

I thought I would begin with a very tasty topic- Look away now if you're hungry because this image won't help sorry!

I teach year 8 (12/13 year olds) up to year 12 (16/17 year olds) Mathematics and I've found that as we've developed relationships and grown as a class, I've really bonded with each and every student. I certainly admit that I don't have an extension class - more so the opposite, and that cupcakes are the way to a students heart when it comes to rewards.

This picture was a set of mini-cupcakes I gave out to my year 12 students on the day they handed in their third-last assignment last week!

In addition to these, in the last 5 minutes of my two year 9 exams last week I handed out one of these mini-cupcakes to all the students who sat the exam. It truly made a difference in these students lives, especially for those students who are D and E level even though they try so hard. This really is a nice reward for them :)

The downside, I baked four sets of 48 mini-cupcakes in the last week for students and a staff going away party! All cupcaked out! Phheww

To end my first post, I thought I'd link you through to two of my Freebies on TpT.


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