Tuesday, 17 June 2014

HUGE *new* DATA Unit - 6 Math & Literacy Centers, 8 Worksheets, Game & Wordwall

This is a very engaging, colourful and multilevel data unit ready to just print, laminate and implement.

You're students will be ready to roll with over 14 multi-level activities around data/ statistics! All activities are able to be used as worksheets instead of Math Centre activities and vice versa!

Easy to read instructions and answer keys provided for all activities.

Probability Word Wall contains 16 probability word walls with 8 blanks for your little ones to add your own: mean, median, mode, range, add, sum, total, divide, average, middle, number, value, popular, biggest, smallest, data

6 x Domino Math Centres - Mean, Median, Mode & Range over 2 levels.
8 x Math Centre A4 page Worksheets
1 x Math Board Game with three different game boards to choose from and 132 cards (33 mean, 33 median, 33 mode, 33 range)

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