Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My FIRST Halloween & NEW Probability Unit

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia and consequently I've never dressed up in Halloween costume!

The closest I've come to Halloween is our Annual Kiters Sports Day and as you can see from the pictures in 2010 it was Angels & Devils themed!

It will be REALLY EASY to dress Scott & Max up as Devils! Me on the other hand... I have a witches hat... and that's it =\  We're also going to carve a pumpkin too! ANOTHER FIRST!

I'd love some suggestions as to what to wear for Halloween?
A sneak peak of the Probability Unit!

I've also been working on a probability unit with 20 Probability Word Walls and so far with 7 separate math centres over three levels!

I'm still working on Instructions, more levels and answers. I'm excited to complete this unit and use it next year (who knows what year level I'll have then!).

What else would you like to see in your probability units?

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  1. You have such wonderful stuff Liz - you must bee working hard all the time! I always enjoy reading and keeping up with your blog!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning


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