Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fraction, Decimal & Percentage Dominos in USE!

I took a lot of photos towards the end of last term and I completely forgot to upload them! Here are my year 8s using my Halloween Percentage and Fraction & Fraction and Decimal Dominoes. I just love how creative they became when arranging them! They were competing with each other for the most confusing maze :)

It was so lovely to see some of my lower level students being able to use their calculators to divide the fractions and get the decimal or percentage answer and see the relationships between them as they progressed through the cards! It was adorable to see one of my highest level year 8 students ask me to remind him how you convert between fractions and percentages (4/20 the specific question)! After one example, needless to say he was extremely embarrassed and laughed it off! :)
It reminds me how necessary continual revision of concepts are throughout the entire year and how easy it is to focus only on the set curriculum which benefits students at the time, but not in the long run.

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