Saturday, 6 October 2012

Gazebo & NEW Tri Ominos!

Gazebo with joists
I think, no I KNOW we're procrastinating! My husband and I BOTH being teachers means that this is officially our second last day of the holidays! NNNnnnnnOOOooOOoooooO! I can hear every Qld teacher saying this!
We decided today to put the joists across the bearers on the Gazebo we're building in our back yard. Amazingly I didn't think this would be tttooooo time consuming, but as always, I was wrong! (Excellent procrastination tool)... Although I HATE wasting time during the day when I can do planning at night! :)

I DID however get up somewhat early for a Saturday and begin my Rounding Decimals Tri Ominos #1 which I will continue to work on tonight and tomorrow!
I am going to add ONE or TWO more levels to it! It's only listed for $1.50 at the moment, but when I add more levels/ tri ominos for rounding to the nearest whole number and to two decimal places, I will up it to $2.50 or $3.00! Which means if you've already bought it, you'll get the updates at a bargain price. I was just too busy to finish all the levels this morning!

What type of tri ominos would you like to see designed!?
Now back to planning this up coming 10 week term!

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