Saturday, 13 October 2012

First Week Back & NEW Multiplication Games

I admit it... I really do... I've just LOVED my first week back at school! This is 1st week of our final 10 weeks of the school year and I love the fact that my year 8s are working on data & statistics and my year 9s are on probability.
've been able to have my year 8s writing Hypothesis about popular cars, collecting data from the staff car park, reflecting on their hypothesis and creating column graphs by hand and also in Microsoft Excel. It's been so wonderful to see students having fun and interest in what they learn! It brings a HUGE smile to my face each day. :)

I unfortunately had a QCS PD (a test all Yr 12 Queensland students have to sit) I had to attend on Thursday and missed all my classes, but I love the fact I get to mentor year 11 students this Term on short response questions for the QCS test!

I've also had some time (very little though) to complete my Multiplication Tri Ominos Game - 4 Math Centers throughout this week and upload them. I'm so excited to put these into my Math Centers as my Juniors need more practise with their multiplication tables and these allow us to check for higher level fluency/ understanding.

Max is here this weekend so we've spent Friday night at Club Night swimming where he's shaved around 2 seconds each off his 25m breaststroke and freestyle, squad and fun swimming (coin diving) this morning and gazebo decking alllllllllll day! We're very frequent Bunnings users! Photos tomorrow! :)


  1. I love reading about your experiences! I wish I could visit Australia someday... do you like how your school year is split up into sections like that? Do you get a lot of break in between?


    1. Thanks Laura! I couldn't imagine school being run a different way. I was brought up with four school terms a year which on average go for 10 weeks. There is now a 2 week break in April, 2 weeks in July, 2 in September and then roughly 6 weeks around Christmas time!

      How is your school year organised?
      I know your big break is mid year, but that is all really!
      Liz :)

  2. I love your multiplication games. You have TONS of wonderful ideas. I love that you sing songs with your big kiddos. =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart


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