Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Classroom Design, Singing & Excel

I have just LOOOVEEEDD these first two weeks back!

I'm sure I wrote in another post that my year 8s are on a Data & Statistics unit and rather than just working through exercises from the textbook, I've been getting students to create a column graph by hand on grid paper, create them in Excel and then write a small paragraph describing their graph!

They have really loved going on the computer and the challenge of having a very strict time-line! We have 70 minute lessons, 10minute introduction/ review, 30 minute creating frequency tables and column graphs by hand, pack up and head to the library (where I book the laptops) and around 20 minutes to complete the graphs in Excel with correct axes labels and Headings! :) PPhhhewww!

Today we sung the Mean, Median and Mode Song (to Row Row Row your boat):

Mode, Mode, Modes the most
Average is the Mean,
Median, Median, Median, median,
The number in between.

I love using songs or catchy tunes to engage students in Maths and their favourite from today (they asked to loop the clip/ song for 15 minutes!) was "Mode, Median, Mean and Range by Gigi Shadid"!

My Year 8s even asked if they could perform it on assembly!! Yikess ;) 
My Classroom! :)

Other Classrooms
The above photo are three pictures of my classroom showing how I use the empty space in my classroom to represent what we're currently focusing on at the moment.

I have a year 8 board on the left and year 9 on the right to assist those lower level students who need continual prompts and won't look in their book.
To the left is a picture of what other classrooms look like! I have to say I love mine and so do my kiddies :)
I hope you are all having a great week!


  1. I wonder what my 6th graders would think of your little jingle. :) They might not love it, but I do!

    1. The class that learned this song and watched the other clip are both year 8s! They happily sung along to both of them, but they are a very easy-going and happily participate in my always pathetic attempts to entertain them with Maths songs, raps or games! :)


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