Sunday, 3 November 2013

Year 12's are nearly gone!

Some flowers we have in our garden
We've been spending time outside in the garden lately and also at the Gold Coast during the weekend. We love spending time outside in the yard and pottering around.

At the moment we have a problem... our LETTUCE keeps being eaten! TOTALLY GONE. :( We're making a wire cage to go around it so whatever is snacking on it, stops! 

The year 12's have their last three lessons of Mathematics ever and they have a HUGE assignment they are finishing off. Their task: travel to two different locations around the world and complete a series of questions from latitude and longitude, GMT time, flight quotes, accommodation, transport, travel insurance, culture and history along with a full itinerary for every day that they are away! PHEW..... They had five weeks of theory and their final five weeks to complete it! It's great to see them working so hard to ensure they have covered every detail. I can't wait to show you all where some students are travelling to!

Here are some photos of our day at the coast with Kylie from DownUnderTeacher and her son, along with my husband and my step-son. The following day we also went for a long cycle to the local park which is waterfront. Look at the sunken yacht in the picture! During our last lot of bad storms around ten months ago, it was washed up on the rocks and sunk. It's a great sight to look at though! :) We then did some quad biking after that at the local park. 

I'm off to do some year 12 marking! three lessons left before they prepare to graduate and go to formal! 

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