Monday, 28 October 2013

World Teachers Day

Last Friday was Teachers Day here in Australia and as a welfare class we had to come up with a thoughtful way of saying 'Thank You' to the teachers in a certain block.

It was beautiful to see how some of the students really came together to show their appreciation for the teachers who not only teach them, but go above and beyond in everything they do to ensure they succeed.

So we had mini chocolates delivered on all their desks, along with a cupcake each and a personal card saying thank you and a 'Happy World Teachers Day' card.
I would LOVE to see a lot more students giving back and saying thank you to others around them and not just on set days!

Something I am going to start next year with all my classes.

I STILL have to finish my blog post on my travels with Kylie from DownUnderTeacher  but it was such a fantastic cruise!

Was there anything special your kids did for Teachers Day? Do you celebrate it at your school?
*Have an AMAZING week*

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