Friday, 10 January 2014

*NEW* Easter Ten Frames

Now after creating a standard ten frame set and a Halloween theme set, I realized that I have very few Easter themed items. I usually create a theme and a regular theme with all of my items, but one I knew I just HAD to do, was Easter Ten Frames! So simple yet so cute and effective. 

 SO if you're thinking about planning this years Easter activities which will come around very quickly, or next years even, or looking to get a good price on a simple yet effective resource, then check out these sets. 

If you have a particular image you would like me to use, also let me know and I'll personlize the set just for you. :) Thinking about important dates, I just realized that Valentines Day is coming up even sooner, so I better get started on a lovey dovey ten frame set today!

1 comment:

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